Attitude Tips and Tidbits

At the start of this series, we were left to ponder one question: “How can I keep my head right with all of the bad news and negativity surrounding me?”

The first tip that I would offer is: “You find what you LOOK for.”

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the market for a particular type of car, you begin to see that car everywhere? That’s because of a fascinating part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System (or RAS). It is in charge of filtering information before it is sent to a specific part of the brain to be processed.

We are constantly bombarded with billions of bits of information trying to access our brain. If we didn’t have a functioning RAS, we would be paralyzed by sensory overload. However, the RAS let’s in only what it has learned is important to you, and what you consider relevant and necessary. If you are looking for a red corvette, then it begins to search for them on your behalf (without you even being aware of it!).

So, if you are obsessed with bad news, guess what it believes that you want it to search for? That’s right: more bad news. Just like Google, it will find exactly what you tell it to find. The key? Set your mind first thing every day and begin to program your RAS as to what really is important to you. “Today I will find exactly what I am looking for.” You want good news, great clients, more income, healthy relationships? Begin to focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. This is why some people tend to be more negative or positive than others. They have unknowingly programmed their brains to FIND what they focus most of their attention on, not knowing that they had the power all along to reprogram it to find different outcomes.

  • The second tip I would suggest: “You find what you BELIEVE you deserve.”

We all carry around mental messages that we have had with

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us since childhood. For the lucky ones: “You’re a winner. You can do anything. Nothing can stop you.” For some of us however, we carry different messages: “Nothing lasts. Things never work out. I’ll never make it. This ALWAYs happens to me.” (There’s

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that victim again) Those messages affect attitude, and can be the difference between success or failure, victory or defeat. We

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need to examine and sometimes reprogram those important messages. The problem is that those messages live in the sub-conscious mind; a place some believe we cannot access. Or can we?