King of the Grill Grill with_chicken So, you’re gettin’ tired of the fried foods and hunger to enter into a more heart friendly arena. The grill is definitely a place to make that happen. But what happens to the old ticker if your grill is a hot mess! Why risk finding out? Experts tell us there are certain things you can do to keep it clean and get the best tasting food out there. 1. Scrape the grates

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of your grill after each use 2. Spray the meat (not the grill) with olive oil prior to cooking 3. Let the grill do the work (in other words, stop all that flippin’ here and turnin’ there) 4. Size matters – Do you really need all the bells and whistles? Not necessarily. Just make sure you know what you need before you head out to the grill shop! Randy Romero of Sparkle Grill Cleaning in Cumming, GA says to think of maintaining a healthy grill like maintaining a healthy car. ” (If you don’t clean the grates), everything gets thick and caked on. It would stay a lot cleaner if you washed once a week or every two weeks.” He adds, “When you spray pam all over God and creation, it accelerates your grill turning black.” In other words, bad idea! Randy’s advice: “Trust the grill. I think everyone is so impatient, myself included, but – like with steak – you sear it on one side, you sear it on the other…it’s done! Thanks Randy! And, happy Grilling everyone! Image: graur razvan ionut /