Men Like Them Still Exist – Johnny Storm

This is my first time writing something like this. So, let me give you a little background on me. I am a single (no birth children and never married) woman in her mid 40’s, love sports, college degree and has a committed relationship with God. I am a Christian and my relationship with God is the best relationship I have – and it sets the tone for any current and future relationships. I have been in this relationship for almost 18 years – celibate. Let’s be clear on something – I very much enjoyed sex, still desire it very much, and hope (pray) to have it again with my husband someday.

I have noticed a large amount of conversations/articles/blogs about the lack of great Christian single men especially black men. Well, I date men – I have a pretty diverse track record. It is to the point where that is my mothers’ second question after where does he go to church. This is my way to counter all the negative press out there. I am going to be posting my dating adventures/fun/whatever for you.

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And here is the first. Names and locations will be changed.

I recently went to visit a very close friend (Superman) in a major metropolis. A couple days before departure, he informed me that he set up a date for me that Saturday night. I had a few reservations about this: 1) guys seem to have a different thought process about who is a great guy/date than women, 2) who would he choose for me since this is something that has never occurred in the past 10+ years I have known him, and 3) I am having my own reservations about dating now (struggling with my weight – feeling extremely insecure).

The Date: He (Johnny) was waiting in the lobby for me with my friend Superman and his date. I did not have time to do my hair because we had gotten back late from bike riding in the park, so I had to wear a hat. About to head down, I

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just stopped, looked at myself in the mirror and felt disappointed in the reflection. So, I prayed. I asked our Father to just throw me a bone and encourage me tonight – I could really use it. As I enter the lobby I see them. Johnny stands up to greet me – he is above average attractive, beautiful smile, and he gives me a nice hug. We walk to the restaurant (about 12 blocks) and the conversation is good/fun – laughing and smiling a lot. He asks me to sing for him and I immediately said no; by the end of the evening, he had a recording of us doing a duet on his iPhone – I am not a singer. Then, he wants a picture of us. I said no. He asked why. I told him that I did not feel my best because I wasn’t able to do my hair among other things. He looked me in the eyes and said, “You look beautiful. I am so grateful to be out with you tonight.” I took a lot of pictures that night. The rest of

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the evening was amazing. At the end of the date, he said he was asked to take out this amazing sister (in the faith) coming to town and to bring his “A” game and show her a good time; I let him know that he certainly had. There was a hug, but no kissing or anything.

Johnny (my Date): He is in his mid 40’s, divorced (2 children), owns his own business for the last 5 years (can’t say what, but this was amazing as well), Christian, Bi-Lingual, handsome (did I mention this) and at one point a full time minister. Going in, all I knew was that he could sing and was a great conversationalist. I could not have done better myself – I told Superman that he did very good.

Since, Johnny has texted, called, and may be coming for a visit soon. I do not know if this will become anything. But it was just nice to meet him, and the growing friendship is like awesome! So, instead of getting a bone, I got STEAK!!

Ladies, just be patient, enjoy the process and our main Guy will provide just what we need. It is exciting to know that men like him are still out there. I look forward to reading your comments.

(I will be updating and writing about other wonderful men I have and will be meeting. Please stay tuned.)