The Road to Good News

The average adult has over 50,000 unique thoughts in a given 24 hour period.

The problem for most is that they have the same thoughts yesterday that they will have today and then again tomorrow; just regurgitating the same mental material– and people wonder why they feel like they’re in a rut! First we must begin to observe that little voice in the head (he thinks he’s running

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the show, but he shouldn’t be). You’ll be amazed when you begin to listen to and observe the “drunk monkey” at work.

It all starts with a tiny, but powerful little statement: “I am.” All day long people are finishing the sentence “I am ___” in various different ways. I believe that the way you finish that very short, but powerful sentence makes ALL the difference. “I am sick. I am tired. I am broke.” No wonder people are burned out! The way you finish that sentence defines you in the present moment, which is the ONLY moment we really ever have. And the brain is always learning and reprogramming

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itself based on what YOU believe to be true. Make a point to pay attention to how people finish that sentence today. You’ll be amazed at how the typical person defines themself without even being aware that they are doing so.

The most successful people this world has ever produced have one very important thing in common: their self-talk serves them. Affirmations are very popular today. The reason they are so effective is that the brain hears the spoken word and develops a “loop” that affects the actual brain wiring that determines how you process information. The more you affirm a particular statement, and strengthen its foundation in your mind, the more your brain begins to “buy in” and eventually rewires itself to experience life from that perspective. If you constantly tell yourself “I AM wealthy” then eventually your brain will accept it as reality and begin to see things and look for things from a very abundant perspective. (as opposed to the alternative: I’m ALWAYS broke!) Our beliefs and habits are thousands of times stronger than our desires.

So what if I begin every day talking to myself with admiration and respect, seeing myself the way that I truly wish myself to be. Add music, the right book, or a special place, and you add power to the experience. With discipline, you can begin to “set your mind” before the world sets it for you. You will begin to live pro-actively instead of just reacting to the news and circumstances of the day. And what if I end every day activating my imagination, and visualizing the life of my dreams? That is much more that just fantasy. I am actively programming my RAS to look for what is important to me right before I drift off to sleep— the most effective time to work on the RAS, as well as the sub-conscious mind. Plant the right “seeds” before you fall asleep and the brain will work FOR you while you sleep.

As you begin to do this, you will begin to witness something amazing happening: the right people and the right circumstances will begin to “show up” in your life at just the right time. Call it the “Law of Attraction” or just pure luck, but I’m telling you it WILL happen. Good news just finds positive people.