Unplug and Connect


Sometimes it simply takes courage to, “Be still and know that ‘He’ is God.” When we know we are disconnected from God, our spouse, our kids, the brothers (and sisters) and even our very selves, it is time to UNPLUG AND CONNECT. We know the headlines in entertainment, politics and sports. We are experts in our industry. But, truth be told, we just need to KNOW GOD.

We can grow desensitized with information overload and our eyes can glaze over with electronic numbness. We love our gadgets: the Blackberry, the i-phone and the laptop. We are inundated with e-mail, voice mail, text messages and even snail mail. We love to zone out watching our modern day gladiators on our new HDTV. We secretly hope the writers’ strike in Hollywood won’t last so long that our favorite “guilty pleasure” will not be affected. We really try to be “relatable” and “in touch” with our neighbors.

The only problem is we are out of touch with our very spirit, our essence, our psyche, our core self, our soul. We are disconnected and out of touch with

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OUR GOD. We become empty, spiritually bored and boring, not useful to our Creator. “I’m taking a break”, we say. “I’m sorting some things out,” we rationalize. We stall and procrastinate with the most important of all things. We try to get back to relationships, our hallmark strength. Yet, what we need is to get back to THE RELATIONSHIP that made us and makes us who we are!

But God is patient, gracious and merciful. He still calls us, even when we don’t want to talk. He taps our shoulder with a sunset, the moon, the stars, or a random act of kindness from a spouse, a child or a brother. His Word still stirs us in a class or a sermon. The Holy Spirit is still inside us groaning as in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in us. He knows that the work He began in us will be brought to completion……..someday.

Connection is a beautiful thing! “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” What an incredible promise! Get outside. Smell the smells. Look up! Check out the fall colors, the sunrise, the full moon, the stars and the wildlife.

I need to UNPLUG and CONNECT. Fortunately, I live in Northwest Atlanta near some great national parks along the Chattahoochee River. I have my spot on the Gold Branch Trails along the Hooch. I go by myself. I take my best friend. I walk the dog (God spelled backwards). I sing. I praise. I pray. I beg. I plead. I wrestle. I fight……I CONNECT…..and you will too! It’s simple to UNPLUG AND CONNECT. It’s worth it to UNPLUG and CONNECT…because Eternity calls.

Steve-Brand-100x75Steve Brand lives in Marietta, Georgia, with his wife Teryl, son Keenan (16) and daughter Stephany (14). He has been a disciple thirty years and served in the ministry for eight years in Columbia,South Carolina, St. Louis and Boston.. He works in private practice as a Christian counselor, exexutive coach and wilderness coach. ( See www.greatherapy.com or www.thewildernesscoach.com .)