When Giving Thanks, Give Back!

homeless-man-with-can Well, it’s November folks. And, if you’re like me, it marks the mental start of the holiday season. In a few short weeks, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. We will meet with our families. We will eat, laugh, and play. And we will give thanks. For some, you will be in a 5,000 square foot mansion. For others, you will be in a one bedroom apartment cozying up to a heater because the gas has been turned off again. But no matter where we fall in this spectrum, we will be thankful for what we have, because it can always be worse. There’s a man who attends our church every Sunday. We know him as Joe. But under the bridges and on the streets of Atlanta, he’s known as Seventeen. He tells us that when we make our rounds to help the homeless, tell them Seventeen sent you. I’d like to say that when we’re handing out bags of food and water that the people we encounter care who sent us. The truth is – they don’t. We find a spot. We park our van. And like a scene from a movie, when we begin to distribute, they come. The tragic circumstances that bring many like Joe and his friends to live under the bridges and in the alleys of metro Atlanta may vary from one individual to another. And sadly, too many times, we care more about the circumstance than the need. I’ve done it. “How did they end up here?” I’ve thought. “And how do I

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know they won’t squander any help that I offer?” The sad news of the economy has taught me that any one of us could be one car accident, one pink slip, or one terminal illness away from life on the streets. So, this article has but one purpose. To encourage us that when we are asked to help, help. When we are asked to give, give. And then go home to your warm, cozy one bedroom apartment where the heat is off

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because you couldn’t pay the bill, bundle up in the four sweaters you bought at Goodwill for five dollars and say Thank you.     {jcomments on}